Artist in Residence, Vizinada, Istria, Croatia

Detail of my painting of a mediterranean cypress tree

Art Circle Residence Europe

In September 2023, I was fortunate enough to receive a Travel Grant that gave me the opportunity to participate in the Art Circle Residence program in Croatia. During my stay, I lived in a beautiful house that was part of the Art Circle Program and provided me with a peaceful environment to focus on my painting.

For an entire week, I could escape the distractions of everyday life and enjoyed a home away from home. The historic villa was located near the beach and provided a breathtaking panoramic view from a spacious terrace.

Night Sky of Vižinada, view from the terrace

Vižinada, a part of Croatia’s natural landscape, has stunningly clear night skies that allowed me to capture the beauty of the summer night sky through my artwork.

Modern Observatory in Tičan
prehistoric Observatory in Tičan
During my stay, I had the opportunity to visit the Višnjan Observatory in Tičan and learn about the telescope’s operation methods.

As an artist, light is a crucial element in my work. I create a sense of deep space and light by layering transparent colors. I followed my love for painting and my passion for astronomy and science during my stay. I spent my time capturing the beauty of the night sky and stars on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea.

plain-air painting in the garden
Detail, in progress, Mediterranean landscape, Oil on canvas, 80 x 60 cm

The Vižinada artist-in-residence program provided a workspace and bed & breakfast housing for one week. It was an inspiring experience that allowed me to explore my creativity. I could reconnect with the natural world while enjoying plain-air painting.

workspace of the artist-in-residence program, Vižinada

Every morning, I used to sit outside with my coffee, paint and contemplate the work I had ahead for the day. I enjoyed delicious meals, swam in the sea, and had many insightful conversations with the people I met during various dinner occasions. After a week of dedicated work time, I left with a clear plan for developing my next work series. I am immensely grateful to Dr. Anna Prinz, President of ACR-Europe, for her unwavering support and dedication to the arts. This is the second time she has invited me to participate in a on-site residency program, which has been instrumental in guiding and enhancing my artistic journey.

The main science mission of the observatory is dedicated to operational asteroid observation
in progress, Horsehead Nebula, each artwork: oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm
Višnjan Observatory in Tičan
Višnjan Observatory in Tičan


Background information: Each year Art Circle Residence – Europe Connect ( supports artists in special residency programs in Europe. In 2023 Anne Wölk, visual Artist from Berlin ( was selected by “ArtCircleResidence-Europe Connect“ e.V., based inDüsseldorf, to be inspired by the most beautiful sky around the planetarium of Tičan, Istria and to paint more of her beautiful space aestetics works, of which some were shown at CICA Museum South Korea in 2021. 
Anne Wölk is following famous visual artist Tsering Hannaford from Australia ( who won the scholarship for a residency program in Vizinada, Istria in 2022 and was nominated for the prestigious Archibald portrait prize in Sydney. (info at:

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