“Momentum in Space” Solo Show

Anne Wölk presents a solo exhibition at Pantocrator Gallery. A poetic space travel into the depth of interstellar clouds that enchants the imagination, entitled “Momentum in Space”.

more info: https://www.pantocratorgallery.com/current-exhibition

Displaying a selection of Anne Wölk’s most recent paintings, the exhibition takes place from the 05th December 2021 to the 28th February 2022 as an online event, at the Pantocrator Gallery, setting the stage for vivid space-inspired artworks to transport dreamers and enthusiasts into a cosmic exploration of nature’s beauty. Echoing the long winter nights, the presentation propels the imagination to go beyond rational scientific knowledge while sketching a visionary and optimistic future.

The exhibition features creations inspired by Nebulae, interstellar clouds formed of dust, hydrogen, and helium, that invite the viewer an aesthetic contemplation of nature’s pure beauty. Shimmering stars delicately illuminate an infinite blue while mesmerizing shades of surreal colours offered by the cosmos create a bridge with a mystical world, encouraging to leave rational thoughts aside. The flowing colour gradients are carefully selected by the artist to capture the constantly transforming nebulous shapes. While embracing the tradition of the 17th century landscape painting, specifically the techniques of the Dutch painter Aert van der Neer, Anne Wölk also uses film stills from science fiction for the “Starscapes” series, where she depicts mountain landscapes brightly shining against dark starry skies.

The details of nature, perceptible thanks to the advances in satellite imagery and computer-generated images, are altered and sublimated to form dreamlike galactical worlds. By layering astrophotography images and pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope with utopian science-fiction references and colourful motifs, the personal cosmos paintings finely blur the lines between dreams and reality to prompt the imagination to wander in surreal landscapes. Anne Wölk’s sampling methods create a celestial space that recloses digital information gaps caused by the technical limitations of telescopic observations and mechanical photography. The paintings represent the marvels of nature in a scientific utopia that can open the door to future discoveries.

Born and raised in Jena in former East Germany, Anne Wölk is an artist based in Berlin, who creates artworks inspired by space aesthetic and science fiction. The process of layering outer space images with quotations from German Romanticism and Photorealism is distinctive of her compositions. Faithful to her values of community, optimism and hope towards the future, her art outlines a bright and fantastical world tracing the beauty that nature exudes. Her two previous collaborations with the Pantocrator Gallery took place in 2015 with the exhibition titled “Through the looking-glass” (Shanghai, China) and in 2020, by representing her work at the Swab Art Fair.

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