Gallery Show in Madrid

Installation View, V & G, Contemporary Art Gallery, Madrid, Spain

Nina Milani presents a group show with 22 international artists. The gallery is committed to emerging and established artists from different disciplines and styles, being conscious of the great variety of offers that exist nowadays.

The show runs from 28.09. – 10.10.2021.

address: V & G Gallery for Contemporary Art,
C. de las Hileras, 6, A, 28013 Madrid, Spain
You will find my Painting “Milky Way” on the second floor of the gallery.
Come by and say hello! 🌞

Press Release about Anne Wölk:
Anne Wölk is fascinated by science fction stories about space travel and  cyberspace. Involved in the society of digital culture, the artist alters flm stills,  as well as photographs from the Hubble Space Telescope, and integrates  them into her motifs and personal painting cosmos. During her childhood,  Wölk saw an infnite number of simulations of stellar skies and demonstrations  of planetary runs at 360-degree shows at the planetarium in her hometown  Jena. Jena was the center for laser and optics technology in the former GDR.  This formative experience continually infuenced her interest in science fction  and space travel. 

Wölk’s subject matter speaks of the imagery of futuristic science and  technology, which we have only become familiar with from the advances of  satellites, cameras, cinematography, and computer-generated images.  By layering content from these diverse sources, the painter creates a  fantastical interpretation of nature, in which the simultaneity of Romanticism  and Utopia becomes perceptible. 

Anne Wölk studied painting at the University of Fine Arts Berlin-Weissensee and the  Chelsea College of Fine Art and Design, London.

The Gallery will represent her at the upcoming Art Fair “Art Innsbruck 2021”
(held from October 28 to 31 in Innsbruck, Austria).
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