The Sky has no Surface

Group Show curated by Catherine McCaw-Aldworth (London)
date: 22nd – 28th March 2021
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press release:
Have you ever wondered what’s beyond our line of sight? Why we only see blue when we look up but we know there’s Hundreds of planets out there. The great beyond is within reach yet extremely intangible.
The sky has no surface looks to these intangible things asking artists to explore their own boundaries and surfaces in relation to what goes beyond our line of sight.
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artist list: Stuart Jones, Fiona Goldswain, Bethe Bronson, Kelli-Shai Hughes, Abbie Cairns, Michael Kelly, Nicola Turner, Lewis Andrews, Anne Wölk, Lucy Bevin, Grant Lambie, Robyn Jacobs, Damaris Athene, Kate Fallon-Cousin, Anna Clough, James Warman, Aimee McCallum, Rups Cregeen, Liz Clifford, Zara Ramsay, Joanna Seager, Danika Whitcher, Lieske Weenink, Eleanor McLean, Harry Grundy, Mairead Dunne, Jessica Berry, Rose Sambrook, Susanna Star, Annie Crawford, Abi Braley, Ryan French, Abigail Jones, Noelle Genevier, Benna Gaean Maris, Stef Will, Dana Phillips, Catherine McCaw-Aldworth

curator Catherine McCaw-Aldworth:
“The beauty of an online show during pandemic is that you get to reach new people and experience new works that would have never seemed tangible before. This show has a big line up and we are so excited for it!”

Installation view, Studio Anne Wölk Berlin
Interstellar Cloud, 2021, 80 x 60 cm, oil on canvas

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