opening at 6th November 2020 6pm at Classic Remise Berlin

My painting „The Multiverse“ will be part of the art auction
Round Table 5 2020.
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About the artwork
In the history of romantic painting, the subject of the landscape is a metaphor for an indefinite longing. The emotional state of a disease of painful desire increased to black romanticism, a worldview characterized by negative emotions that culminate in the yearning for death. 

The Multiverse is more than a futuristic interpretation of the romantic movement. Inspired by the novel Neuromancer, the visual structure of a virtual world appears to arise. The mountain chain shines brightly against dark, starry skies and magically draws the viewer’s gaze into their depths. A digital glow effect in the horizon line references the excessive screen light of the present day. The classic deep light of a traditional oil painting is distorted and expanded by an LED light. The dark shade indanthrene blue is omnipresent in the firmament. The shade transforms into a deep, wide night blue in the sky and envelops and quietly warms the viewer in an artistic embrace.
The artwork is a sampling of a visual remix consisting of architectural designs by the Russian WChutemas movement: a film still and, in reality, an existing Soviet-style futuristic bus stop in the Estonian village of Ihamaru. In the Soviet Union, the longing for freedom was expressed in futurism.
What kind of place does this painting show us? Is it a spaceport quoted from a science fiction story set? Or does the scenery illustrate an outdated future fantasy of a past generation? Maybe it is a vision of a distant century.
The atmosphere of the artwork indicates hope for the beginning of a new era in space exploration and a journey into the cosmosWith our rockets and space probes, the question arises: could we ever achieve the colonization of the stars?

The Multiverse, 2018, 50 x 70cm, Acrylic on Canvas, artwork will be framed
Installation view Kunstverein Münsterland 2018

Classic Remise Berlin,
Wiebestraße 36 – 37,
10553 Berlin