Territories, group show at Scotty Enterprises

Second Earth, 2019, 40 x 40 cm, Acrylic on Styrofoam

Exhibition 15/02/20–21/03/20
Opening: 14/02/20 from 7–10 pm

Oranienstraße 46,
10969 Berlin, Germany

Territories are fiercely contested, they are being appropriated, marked out and secured, they express affiliations and power structures. SCOTTY wants to artistically challenge and investigate these relations in a number of ways. The aim here is to tackle issues such as possession and appropriation and subversively transcend them, through artistic interventions. Borders are being questioned to transform territories into spaces of possibility. Free spaces are utilised and created so that new mental and social spaces can evolve.
100 artists have submitted their work, on the occasion of the open call for this year’s theme Territories, of which 23 positions can now be viewed at SCOTTY. 
Be it the entitlement for residence, for boundary, for freedom or for autonomy- the exhibited artists explore our relationship to territories on many different levels. 
Whilst tourists self-evidently venture into any territory, enjoy their freedom and their right to go on holidays on luxury liners, whilst they document this freedom in common places and share it with the world, the access to freedom remains shut to others. 
Surfaces are subtly separated by differing textures. Territories and paths are marked out and made visible by lines. They separate one from the other and offer protection. 
Construction projects displace native animals from their territory, a child guards its brother who is buried underneath debris.
In the juxtaposition of these experiences, the question on the concept of territories continually arises.

artist list: Carla Åhlander, Thomas Brinkmann, Juliane Duda, Anna Fiegen, Kenny Garzón, Claudia Grünig, Kris Heide, Anne Hölck, Rieko Hotta, Karin Kerkmann, Patricia Lambertus, Petra Lottje, Maria Olivares Alfaro, Sharon Paz, Christian Pilz, Sandra Ratkovic, Bettina Schünemann, Katja Staudacher, Sencer Vardarman, Anke Westermann, Clemens Wilhelm, Anne Wölk, Hana Yoo

Entitled To Our Landscape
Discover a cohesive and multidisciplinary body of art which explores perspectives of territory. Scotty Enterprises , an artist run space in Kreuzberg, opens their group show Territorien on this Valentine’s
evening. Territorien features 23 artists from a selection process of 100 submissions. Anne Wölk, a Berlin based painter, is among the skilled collection of creatives. Anne is internationally recognised and brings forth a work which grew from exploring territories of potential utopia in outer space.
Territorien will be a show of extraterrestrial visions and a challenge to the views of entitlement to land of our world and beyond. Image: Detail of Second Earth , 2019, Anne Wölk.
Anne will be presenting her distinctive painting Second Earth , 2019. Second Earth was first shown last year at her solo show Astral, tête, in Berlin . The work is a 40cm styrofoam sphere coated in a galaxy of acrylic paints. Anne’s cool blue palette presents a mountain-scape paired with a deep night sky above. Reminiscent of a snow globe Second Earth offers an icy view of a melancholic landscape. Anne’s art practice glides seamlessly into the Territorien group show through her adoption of the theme ‘Life
Beyond Earth’, a territory many light years away. Conceptually inspired by scientific investigations of new colonies on life-friendly planets, her work instantly addresses the power structure of who will have access to a potential Planet B, and the utopia with imagining an alternative living ground.

“Ownership of extraterrestrial properties by private individuals and organizations is not recognized by any authority on earth.”

Second Earth, 2019, 40 x 40 cm, Acrylic on Styrofoam

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