This year artAZ is celebrating the 10th anniversary of SUPRISE – the campaign that employs the power of art to raise funds and awareness regarding major social issues. We are celebrating 10 years of fighting adversity with art, and we are celebrating with an art extravaganza.

SURPRISE X will take place at The Project Gallery, Athens, Greece, on Friday 11 October 2019.

SURPRISE is a campaign that highlights the power of art to bring positive change. Since 2009 the campaign brings artists together and mobilizes art to offer solutions to major social issues.
More than 2000 artists from around the world have joined us in this past decade, offering their art to support their fellow humans. SURPRISE focuses on the universal language and inclusive nature of art. We collaborate with a broad spectrum of artists, from emerging to world-renowned – the exhibition is a collective effort of the artistic community.
All artworks are small format (24 x 18 cm.), are offered for the same price and are signed at the back. The artist’s identity gets revealed only after the artwork is sold, hence the “SURPRISE”. Τhe proceeds are donated to the Homeless Support Program of KLIMAKA NGO. Each edition of SURPRISE features around 300 artists.
The inaugural SURPRISE was presented in 2009 at the City of Athens Technopolis premises. The sell-out show was an instant hit and it was immediately decided that a follow up edition would ensue. Fast forward to today, after 9 successful exhibitions in Athens and one in Quito, Ecuador, it is time for “SUPRISE X“.
I will donate my painting “timelapse”.

more info: https://www.theprojectgallery.gr

Timelapse, 2019, 24 x 19 cm, acrylic on canvas