Exhibition: Berlinworksentoverbysuitcasekunstpraesentation

 11 – 26 March 2017

Berlinworksentoverbysuitcasekunstpraesentation – A Sammlung
Nth. Space, Melbourne

Curated by Joanna Mortreux 

Artists including: Anne Wölk, Daniel Chluba, Attilio Tono, Theresa Schubert, Joanna Mortreux, Benjamin Dewor, Maria Volokhova, Malte Kebbel, Eliot Markus Henning, Lukas Julius Keijser, GlueHeads and Anelor Robin

Opening: Sat 11 March 6-8pm Appointment only: Sun 12 – Sun 26 March Nth. is thrilled to announce its next show will be a survey of contemporary art from Berlin.
Much like word construction in the German language this exhibition brings together many artists whose works, though varied, are threaded together into a singular contemporary collection. Berlin, known for hosting a great many artists, still retains its reputation for producing a great deal of artwork and creations in general. This is one compact collection selected out of the masses of work out there and lovingly brought to Melbourne via the curator’s own suitcase.
Like Berlin, the exhibition ranges widely: from the glorification of Junk food; to explorations of single cellular growth in plant life; to the macabre and magical elements of tableware; to works that make gentle fun of others, of art school and the art establishment; to an exploration of signs from the street meshing into fantastical landscapes; to clean forms that in fact allude to completely illusionary spaces; to the reanimation of museum relics into strange deities; and, dynamic collage-making events reproduced by a whole wandering community.
“From a city known for its Art this is one little snapshot of it,” says Mortreux.


installation view, copyright Joanna Mortreux 

installation view, copyright Joanna Mortreux 

Hill sphere, 2017, oil, acrylic and aerosol on canvas, 49 x 49 cm, 19.3 x 19.3 inch

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