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Call XVII, emerging artists at Galeria Luis Adelantado – Valencia


Luis Adelantado Valencia

Calle Bonaire 6, 46003 Valencia

Opening, Call 2015

9 July 2015 until 11 September 2015

Galeria Luis Adelantado – Valencia   C/ Bonaire 6 46003 Valencia Spain

copyright Galeria Luis Adelantado

For the seventeenth edition of the Call (International Call for young artists) we have selected a total of 18 proposals from among the more than 500 proposals submitted. The selection of the participating artists has been at the hand of the gallery director Olga Adelantado.

For Adelantado, this year’s presentation of proposals has been similar to last year’s, as she explains: “We have noticed that the quality of the proposals has increased significantly, which indicates a greater professionalization of the artists, something that has been happening steadily in the latest editions. “She adds: “Also noteworthy is the quality of the proposals from Spanish artists with respect to previous years, a total of 13 artists, including 7 from Valencia. The Spanish are followed by the Peruvian presence with two artists, and completing the selection with one French, one German and one Swiss artist. In all, a total of 20 artists and 18 proposals”.

The artistic careers of the participants are very diverse and plural, and although their age only range from 24 and 36 years, many of them, despite being in the first stage of their career, have to their credit an outstanding record with presence in galleries and institutions, symptom of their thoroughness and professional involvement. Some have already received awards and major endorsements. The means by which they express themselves in their work are as broad and diverse as their background.

They range from photography, drawing, painting, intervention, collage and installation to sculptural objects.

The 18 participating artists of the seventeenth edition are:

Alberto Feióo (ESP), Julia Fuentesal & Pablo Muñoz de Arenillas (ESP), Usoa Fullaondo (ESP), Ainhoa Salas & Guillermo Lechón (ESP), Javier Martín (ESP), Amanda Moreno (ESP), Nina Paszkowski (SUI), Eduardo Peral (ESP), Sergio Pilan (ESP), Mercedes Pimiento (ESP), Andreu Porcar (ESP), Juan Carlos Rosa (ESP), Cristina Santos (ESP), Iván Sikic (PER), María Tinaut (ESP), Juan Diego Tobalina (PER), Camille Tsvetoukhine (FRA) y Anne Wölk (GER)

Opening Thursday July 9th 2015

copyright Galeria Luis Adelantado

copyright Galeria Luis Adelantado

copyright Galeria Luis Adelantado

copyright Galeria Luis Adelantado

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