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Plausible Dreams -Interesting Fears, Group Show at Kreuzberg Pavillon

PLAUSIBLE DREAMS, INTERESTING FEARS Groupshow at Kreuzberg Pavillon on December 8th 2012 with works by Anne Wölk, Sebastiaan Schlicher, Jennifer Jordan and Ekaterina Mitichkina

_Press Release: While the apocalyptic interpretations of the end of the mayan calendar this year is still ongoing, dreams of plausibility and darker emotional and psychological spheres such as melancholia and fear becomes the field of interest in a new groupshow at Kreuzberg Pavillon. Instead of any straight representation of current affairs or explicit commentary, Sebastiaan Schlicher introduces the viewer to a darker existential reality in his drawings,videos, audio recordings and installations. The overwritings in Anne Wölk´s paintings deal with the construction of rich, impressive and contemplative atmospheres in landscapes while Jennifer Jordan preserves fragile and precarious physical states of her work in amorphous objects. Ekaterina Mitichkina presents a collaborative drawing she made along with other artists.

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